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Markalı Kozmetik

   Our Main Product Range: Passionate Series; It includes Hair Spray, Hair Serum, Hair Tonic, Styling Water, Hair Wax, Hair Mask, Hair Mousse Liquid, This series will provide you to address hairstylists and will provide you distinctive competition. Baby Series: It includes Baby Shampoos, baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Cologne,Baby Powder, Baby Anti-Rash Cream ,Baby series will address pharmaceutical costumer and and supermarkets will ensure distinctive competition against pharmacy wholeseller. Main products that we have produced : Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels, Shower Gels, Body Lotion, Hair Mask, Hair Sprays, Mech Spray, Hair Mousse. Men Series: It includes Head and Body Shampoo ,After Shave Cologne, After Shave Balm, Shaving Creams, Shaving Foams and Deodarant We would like to inform you that we are looking for sole agent ,distributer and partner for the sales and marketing of our products in your esteemed country. We will be very interested in establishing strong business relations with your company and proud to offer you our first quality products at very reasonable prices. You can check all our product from our online catalog ; Please click to follow link and examine our good products and accordingly we would like to send samples for your phsycal evaluation.ıf you determine of having any our samples or product catalogue please let us know your address to send them soon.. We really beliveour quality and our highly competatve prices. we also ready to service you with PRIVATE LABEL

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